Saturday, March 22, 2014

We're Famous!

Ok, we're really not famous, but my students still think they are because our class picture was featured on The Dale Earnhardt Foundation's Facebook page. 
Photo: The Dale Earnhardt Foundation recognizes a Special Teacher:Leah Grasty2nd Grade Teacher - Forest Park Elementary - Kannapolis NC"Students learned that if they work hard, they too can experience the type success Dale had - whether it be with racing or something else."---- L. GrastyEach made their own mustache to resemble Dale's.

Last month we were studying important historical figures at the local and state level.  Since I teach close to where Dale Earnhardt was born and raised, I decided to write a letter to his Foundation.  I told them that we would be studying Dale, gave a brief overview about my students' demographics and asked if they would be able to partner with me in any way.  They were able to send 120 posters (one for each 2nd grader at my school) and other goodies for my students to take home.  

To say thank you, we wore mustaches (that's one of Dale's trademarks) and took a picture. I sent it to the Foundation and they actually posted the picture on their Faceook page.   My students thought it was sooo cool that they received all the goodies, but now that they posted it on their Facebook page, they think they're famous.  Too cute.

If you live in an area with historical figures, I suggest writing their organization a letter informing them that you're studying the figure. Who knows what they'll send you.  

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  1. That's awesome! I love that idea and had actually never thought of it. Thanks!