Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fun With Snowmen

This past week we had a lot of fun creating snowmen using a glyph and then we pretended that our snowmen ran away (they were cold and ran to the grocery store to buy hot cocoa, but on their way home, they took a wrong turn and got lost). We wrote descriptive 'Missing' flyers about our snowmen and then had our classmates read our flyers to figure out which snowman was ours. 

After we created our snowmen, we used this worksheet to write about and create a 'Missing' flyer.  

And then we pretended we were Snowmen Detectives and read our classmates' flyers and tried to figure out who's snowman was whose. 

If you're looking for a fun but still educational activity to complete this winter, I highly suggest checking out my product My Snowman is Missing
My Snowman is Lost! (Glyph, Descriptive Writing, Graphing,

Not only does this product include the directions and materials needed to complete the glyph and 'Missing' flyer, but it also has extension activities to incorporate bar graphs, compound words, and using apostrophes.

I also have a similar product creating penguins.  CLICK HERE to be taken to it in my TpT STore.
My Penguin is Lost! (Glyph, Descriptive Writing, Graphing,

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