Sunday, February 16, 2014

Skip Counting

We've been working on skip counting by 10s with 3-digit numbers. To my surprise, my students are doing great.  I'm pretty sure the reason why is because it's taken us a long time to reach this point. We've been using a new pacing guide this year and I'm seeing amazing results because of it. If you're interested, click here to download a free sample

Here's a fun game we played to practice skip counting by 10s: 
I made about ten different sets of numbers like these and gave one set to each pair of students. When I gave the set to each group I made sure the numbers were mixed up. Their job was to unscramble the set of numbers and tell me what the pattern was. (I had a little chit-chat with the yellow group after I took the picture. Did you notice a few of their numbers are in the wrong spot?)

Once they got the hang of that, I made it a bit more difficult. 
 I had one student remove a number and their partner had to figure out which number was missing. At first, they left a space where the number was removed, but then they pushed the cards together so you couldn't see where the missing number was (this was actually their idea). 

One more thing -- my students have difficulty skip counting from within one hundred to the next (392, 402, 412) so I made sure that each set of cards had an example of this transition.

Here's a FREE worksheet for your students to practice skip counting:
{Freebie} Skip Counting by 10s Worksheet: 3 Digit Numbers

I hope you've enjoyed these goodies!

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  1. thanks for the sheet. i will use it to differentiate my math groups.