Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday - Measurement Style

For the first time I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs'  Five for Friday Linky Party. This week we focused a lot on measurement, so my post will be mostly about measurement. At the end, I've included details about a fun giveaway that ends tonight.

We started learning about measurement by reading How Big is a Foot? by Rolf Myller. If you don't have a copy of the book, CLICK HERE to be taken to an online reading of the book. 
This book is great to introduce measurement and for students to learn the importance of having standard measurement units. For a brief summary of the book, CLICK HERE

We then made our own paper beds for the Queen using our feet as the measurement tool (just like the King and Apprentice did in the book). We quickly found out why the King had such a problem...

all of our beds were different sizes, oh no...
In the middle of each bed they had to write the answer to this question: What was the King's problem? 

We then used rulers to make our paper beds the same size as the Queen's bed (3 feet by 6 feet).  I displayed all the beds next to each other so the students could see that these beds were the same size because we used the same unit of measurement. 

This is what they wrote in the middle of each bed.

 We also traced our feet and compared them to the King's foot. 
 Yes, that's my foot (sure am glad I had my toes painted for y'all to see).

This was my sample, so the actual measurements are not filled in. For the King's foot, I made them ahead of time and passed one out to each student (of course the King's foot was 12 inches long).

 CLICK HERE to download the Comparing Feet worksheet. 

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