Monday, May 5, 2014

Sharing My Best With You

    Teaching In Blue Jeans
106 teacher authors have teamed up (thanks to Amy from Teaching in Blue Jeans) to give away their best products -- FOR FREE.  Continue reading to learn about my best selling product AND to enter the giveaway.

Read on to take a peek at my best product that's included in the giveaway.
Words Their Way - Within Word Pattern Spellers - A Workshe

This product is for EVERY TEACHER who teaches with the Words Their Way spelling program. There is one worksheet for each sort. Students are required to do two things with each sheet. The first is to use the words  from the sort to finish sentences. I really love this component because it requires students to have vocabulary knowledge of each word (a component that is definitely lacking from the WTW program). The second part of each worksheet is to sort the words according to their correct categories. In addition to sorting the words, students are required to tell the spelling pattern and sounds of each category -- this REALLY makes them think.

In addition to the worksheets, I've also included some other great information and resources to make your life a little less stressful.
The worksheet is a sample of what all the worksheets look like. The small sheet is their 'Word Study To-Do List' and it lists all the requirements for the week. When students have completed one task, they cross it off and move on to the next task. One of the tasks my students are required to do is glue their words to paper (step 5) and then go on a word hunt (step 6). As you can see from the yellow sheet, this student glued their words to the paper and then found two additional words that matched the sort. Students are encouraged to find the additional words by looking around the classroom and reading books.

I have included some of these resources for FREE in the preview of each product. Just click on the picture of each product's cover to be taken to the product.
Words Their Way - Letter Name Alphabetic Spellers - A Work Words Their Way - Syllables and Affixes Spellers - A WorksWords Their Way - Derivational Relations Spellers - A Work

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