Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Math Worksheet

I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune to share a FREE math worksheet.

I just created this worksheet to use next year. This sheet is a 2-in-1 because the top half requires students to complete subtraction problems and the bottom half turns their work into a bingo board.
CLICK HERE to download this worksheet for FREE.

The top part requires students to complete subtraction problems (within 50) using a number line, their fingers, or a hundreds board.  Once the work is done, they cut out their answers and glue them on the MATH-O board. When everyone is completed, play MATH-O and have fun.  

You will need to randomly call out letters (M, A, T, H, O) and then one of the possible answers (sorry, no answer key included). Since there are only 15 answers, it shouldn't take too long for someone to earn MATH-O.  

Enjoy, and if you use it, I'd love to hear how it goes. 

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