Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Number Strings and Cent Signs

Here's a fun and simple (yet very effective) math game to practice adding multiple numbers and using the cent sign correctly.  

Step 1: Split students into groups of 4 and make sure each student has 9 pennies.  (You can give each student a small cup or ziploc bag to keep their pennies from getting mixed up.)

Step 2: Have each student set some of their pennies out in front of them for everyone to see. (I give each student a different color of paper to keep each pile easily separated.)

Step 3:  Each student creates a number sentence based on the groups of pennies. Make sure students use the cent sign when writing their number string. 

Step 4: When everyone in the group has found the total value (or sum), count to 3 and have everyone share their answer.  If each person in the group has the same answer, start over and play again. If the answers are not all the same, everyone must recheck their work to find the error.  

This game is a lot of fun and it gives students valuable practice with their math facts (2.OA.2), adding multiple numbers (2.NBT.6), and using the ¢ sign appropriately (2.MD.8).  

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