Saturday, April 19, 2014

Earth Day Fun with The Lorax

The Lorax.jpg

If you're going to be reading The Lorax for Earth Day, try this fun activity.  (Don't have a copy of the book? CLICK HERE for the FREE ebook version.  The author added sound effects which makes it extra exciting.)

 After reading the story, we made these Truffla trees and proudly displayed them in our hallway! I put students into small groups and gave each group a tree to work on. Each tree had a different question related to The Lorax and the questions also aligned with Common Core Reading Literature Standards. SCORE.

Before the groups were allowed to write their answers on their tree, I had them answer the question on a piece of paper. Once I checked their work, they copied it to the tree.  If you'd like to download the questions for FREE, click here

My kiddos had so much fun completing their Truffla tree! As each group finished, I allowed them to create a Barbaloot or The Once-ler and  we added them to the display of trees. 

To get my kiddos up and  moving, we also danced to the music video How Bad Can I Be? from the movie.  Click on the blurry picture below (sorry) to be taken to the music video.

Do you read The Lorax in your classroom? If so, what activities do you do?

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