Monday, April 28, 2014

We're Still Having Fun Writing

Today was our first day back from Spring Break and even though I had a fabulous time spending the days with my own children and hubby, it was great to see my school kiddos again.  This is the time of year when I look at my students and realize how much they have grown (physically and academically) since the beginning of the year -- it always makes me feel like a proud momma.  

So, since today was our first day back from break, you know exactly what we did for writing . . . we wrote about our break. I wanted to keep it light and fun, but still wanted to incorporate writing complex sentences (since that's what we were working on before break) and I also needed some new spring decor to hang in our room (I still had our shamrocks up -- oops). 

Here's what we did: 

We wrote one complex (or 3rd  Grade sentence as I call it ) on each petal -- and seeing that it was the first day back, I only required them to have three petals.  I referenced the anchor chart (see below) and told them that each sentence MUST use a different connector word (and, so, but, for, because).  They also had to underline the connecting word in each sentence. 

 The factor that made this activity different today than the previous lessons is that I required them to use different connecting words -- and surprisingly, they rose to the occasion and did a great job.  If you have already returned from Spring Break, you could always do this activity about the things they did over the weekend. 
Lastly, I didn't supply tracers to use for the petals, I just showed my students an example and told them to draw each petal before cutting it out. I know it would have been easier to provide the templates, but I really enjoy seeing their creativity come out. 

Here's the anchor chart I have posted in my room: 
You can read that blog post HERE for more ideas on writing complex sentences. 

 Have fun writing this week. 

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